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Through testimonials, client studies, and industry experience we have broken down the SIX pain-points owners or team members of boxes both large and growing experience on a day-to-day basis. In some cases, the clients we have partnered with did not even realize an area or more was not as cost effective or time efficient as possible

  • Supplier relations 

  • Procuremint Inc. has a network of hundreds of brands which provide us preferred pricing 

  • Custom Manufacturing 

  • 25+ factories across Asia and Southeast Asia

  • Site checks, ongoing QC measures and feet on the ground

  • Just-in-time ordering 

  • Have product arrive with the perfect amount of time to guarantee product arrival and limit the timing and use of warehouse space 

  • Organize and streamline your product decision making 

  • Best practices shared amongst industry leaders to help make your procurement process time efficient and seamless

  • Manufacturing-like pricing for branded wholesale product 

  • Our proprietary network allows us to beat or match your current procurement price

  • Our professional overseas negotiators have worked diligently to ensure the highest quality for the lowest price 

  • No fees, surcharges or salaries to us - we are profitable while saving your business money 

  • Partnered with some of the largest logistic companies globally

  • Preferred pricing with our logistic partners 

  • Bring transparency to your shipments 

  • Ensure your product is labelled correctly 

  • Adhere to regulatory agencies' protocol and requirements 

  • Clear your shipments with ease and transparency

  • We hire CFA and CAIA charterholders which are the gold standard within the financial space

  • These members help hedge against currency and commodity risks 

  • Help keep your competitive edge in any market environment 

  • How are you protected against rises in oil or changes in the currency markets?

  • Advertisements

  • Free Products 

  • Best practices and collaborations amongst industry leaders 




Our Mission

Founded by subscription box entrepreneurs, Procuremint Inc. is refreshing the way subscription box owners and others access, discover and gather their brands and product. 

Our Vision

 It is our belief that the future ecosystem of the subscription economy will allow companies to focus on their growth while confidently knowing that their operations are taken care of. 

Our Team

We act as partners rather than suppliers. With a background in finance, one of the founders has managed over $150 billion for one of the largest and best insurance companies in the world. 

We've worked with over 250,000 individual subscribers and over a dozen large subscription boxes as well as publicly traded companies. With 16 years of compliant importing and manufacturing experience, we are able to help protect your business by leveraging financial tools that insulate you from the global economy (shipping rate increases, foreign exchanges, etc.). 

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Startup Program 
Startup Program 


The Seed Program 

The Growth Program 

Just starting your new box?

Procuremint will help you launch in a cost effective manner. Great credit terms will allow you to leverage more of your dollars into marketing to help grow your box. The Seed Program is a an easy way to launch with help from those with experience.  

Ready to take your subscription box to the next level?

Procuremint will help you develop strategic partnerships with others boxes, advertisements and alignments with large brands to increase your brands exposure. Procuremint Inc. will also help you with your inventory control by allowing you to sell back extra units you may not need.

Procuremint acts as a partner to your business rather than just a supplier. 

The Blossomed Program 

Have you and your subscription box been around the block?

Start working with experts in the space who use financial instruments (both exchange traded and OTC) to hedge your business against foreign currencies and commodities.

The subscription industry is so new. It is the small things that separate those who survive from those who fail to plan ahead. 

Call Procuremint to make sure you have everything covered from A to Z.



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