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We have received a lot of questions over the year, likely due to our unique business model. Here are some of the top ones!

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1. How do you make a profit? - This is the Number 1 question we receive in calls/emails with prospective clients. Let us break it down for you using a commonly used product - A branded Sock

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Question 2:  How do you ensure that product you produce is up to my quality standard?

This is a great question! We work extremely close with our brand partners, help them manufacture their own Ecommerce products, help them get distribution etc. It is paramount for us to uphold the expectations of both the brand and our box partners. 





Quality control is a term that unfortunately is used lightly in the manufacturing space. However, we do not take quality control lightly. We have an extremely rigorous process for our production facilities to join our network. This process can take years and is stringent in the amount of due diligence conducted. We have a team both overseas  and North America ensuring that all expectations are met. 





We look at the following:






Quality Control / Quality Assurance


Incoming Receiving Inspection






Non-Conforming Materials


Corrective Action


Inspection & Test Equipment


Manufacturing Process and Quality Control Audits (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14000, IATF 16949 & GMP etc.)


Social Accountability Audits (SA8000)

1. Who is using Procuremint?

Over 150 subscription boxes and counting. These include names such as The Gentlemans Box, SockBox, Culture Carton, and many more! 

2. What product categories can you make?

We can make anything and everything outside of food + beverage. This includes niches like cosmetics, athletics, sex toys, apparel, mens accessories, home + decor, and more! 

3. How do you make money?

We make money only if we are saving you money. In our model, due to our economies of scale, and manufacturing and logistics expertise, we are generally able to save money while also making a margin oursleves. This is a true win-win that many of our box partners are able to enjoy. 

4. How do you find suppliers?

Our internal manufacturing team vets factories based on price, quality, social and ethical factors ,and more. We have visited many of the factories on our roster. We leverage multiple resources including our internal manufacturing team, that has direct managament experience overseas. 

5. What are your credit terms?

Our credit terms are some of the best in the business. We provide these strong credit terms to allow your business to continue to grow whether through hiring additional employees or increasing your marketing spend. We see this as a win- win, because as you grow, we are able to grow as well! 

6. How do you protect my business with hedging currency?

We hedge currency on a discretionary basis in an effort to prevent pricing from increasing due to currency fluctuations. There are some things that are outside of our control (i.e. the pandemic, oil prices, etc.), however we do everything inside our control to prevent pricing from changing. There are boxes we have worked with for over four years wihtout pricing chnaging at all! 

7. What brands do you have on your roster?

We have dozens of brands on our roster in a variety of niches. This includes home brands like Santuary Homeware or Sous Shop, mens accessory brands like Gentlemen of the North and Oak and Stone, Electronics brands like Ekho Electronics, and much more! 

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8. What are average lead times?

This is a great question and an important one too. Lead times are all probability based as customs technically has the right to take as long as they like (even with properly labeled products). We look to execute on the best lead times based on a clients needs (quantity, pricing, etc.). By sea, lead times can be 2.5-4.5 months depending on the product. By air, lead times can be 3 weeks to 2 months depends on the product.  

9. How long does it take to get a quote?

48 hours generally 

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