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Access to your own customer dashboard 

Easy curation planning

Access quotes, brand, product information 

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Having a partner in your business that:

Has worked with sub boxes for 5 years 

Understands that your curation is different/unique 

Understands that cashflow and timelines are paramount

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No commitments

No contracts

No obligations 

We will work seamlessly into your current curation process. 

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Procuremint has free credit that is some of the strongest in the industry. 


We believe in your mutual success. We have a vested interest in seeing your company flourish and grow. We are in it for the long haul!

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Excess inventory? No problem

We understand the strain that excess inventory has on your business. We can help eliminate that pain with our ordering process but can also buy it off you too!

Upload product detail to your Procuremint profile

We will try to offload it on your behalf for the cost you paid!

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